About Energy Audit


Charuttar Education and Navrachna Trust (CENT) is actively working in the field of Energy Conservation since 2014. During this span, we have audited number of companies and provided marginal savings in consumption of Energy.

As industries facing tremendous competition in product market, compromise in the quality of product cannot accepted. In this case, they are focusing in reducing production cost, for which, cutoff in energy consumption would save considerable amount of resources. During energy audit, we consider each and every aspect of savings in fuel, electricity and other resources.

We provide solution for higher energy consumption, through Energy Audits, with feasible and financially applicable modification and shorter payback time with respect to investment. Additionally, we also help in implementing suggested changes for reduction in cost with periodic monitoring and reporting.

About Energy Audit

An energy audit is an inspection, survey and analysis of energy flows, for energy conservation in a building, process or system to reduce the amount of energy input into the system without negatively affecting the output(s). The purpose of an energy audit is to analyze the energy flows in a building / Industry, and understand its energy dynamics. During the energy audit, the auditor looks for opportunities to reduce the amount of energy input without negatively affecting the output(s). It is conducted to identify opportunities to reduce the energy demand of the system without affecting production volumes, quality or safety. We (CENT) employ a systems approach that goes beyond equipment efficiencies and estimates the overall system efficiencies of important processes and supporting utilities.

At a particular level, among the major benefits of doing an energy audit are:

  • It helps you to lower energy bills.
  • It enables you to increase the comfort of those in the facility.
  • It helps you to increase the life span of the equipment in your facility.
  • It discovers any unaccounted consumption that may exist at the facility.
  • A more energy efficient workplace can improve comfort in environment, secure more profitability to your business by reducing your fix cost.

Process of Energy Audit

Director’s Vision

With an experience of 23 years in the field of Energy Conservation, Mr. Hasmukh Sutaria initiated Energy Auditing Center of Excellence in 2014 under CENT at DJMIT campus to deliver his knowledge for betterment of energy consumption pattern. He was active member for many detailed energy audits in the past which enhanced his knowledge about improvement for saving of energy. Because of keen interest and dedication, during last four years, CENT had successfully audited 30 numbers of Energy Audits in large and medium scale industries. Our vision is to excel in providing innovative & cost effective solutions for improving energy efficiency and optimizing energy cost for industrial sector.