Maths,Science & Humanities

Words from head of department

The Department of Mathematics provides services to the entire Institute for UG & PG students of Engineering. Mathematics & Statistics form the backbone for knowledge development for Scientists and Engineers. The aim of the department is to pursue excellence in Mathematics through teaching. Also our focus is to produce engineers equipped with modern mathematics tools with strong understanding towards real world and engineering problems. The mathematics faculty stands ready to help students from across campus to develop their mathematical reasoning skills and to improve their conceptual understanding of mathematics.

Department history

The Dr. Jivraj Mehta Institute of Technology, Anand(DJMIT) established the Department of Mathematics & Applied Science in 2010. The Department of Mathematics & Applied Science offers different types of Mathematics within a span of 2 years that covers the entire spectrum of Mathematics.

Mathematics provides clarity and precision to value and intuitive ideas. In most of the cases modeling of physical processes is usually done using mathematics. In the B.E. course, mostly post calculus topics are covered viz., Differential equations, Multiple integrals, Fourier series, Fourier transforms, Laplace transforms, Vector calculus, Numerical methods etc. Physics also plays an important role in engineering field. The faculties of physics are very keen on applying the subject knowledge to various engineering branches whether it is Mechanical or Electrical or other. They also work on the self taken projects by the students. Also the department takes special care in helping the students in overcoming their difficulties of mathematics and convincing them the importance of the subject in their professional life. The department also interacts with the students and faculty of all other departments in giving suggestions and solutions to their problems involving mathematical applications. The faculty are published their paper in national & international conferences and journals.


Mathematics and science develops computational skills, critical thinking, problem solving skills and scientific approach. The faculty of the Department of Mathematics and applied science imparts quality education to students and motivate them to apply the various mathematical and scientifical techniques in their respective fields.


The mission of department of mathematics and applied science, in support of mission of Institute, is to provide high quality education to students, to expose them to a significant range of mathematics concepts and to build up their reasoning and analytical skills.

Prof. Riddhi Patel