Dr. Jivraj Mehta Institute of Technology (DJMIT)


  • To work in collaboration with rural and urban youth by imparting skill based and value-added technical education for the development of the nation.


  • To impart technical knowledge and nurture ethical values among the student community.
  • To interact with industry, explore and identify possible alternative solutions to contemporary problems.


  • Continue to be recognized as the Center of Academic Excellence in higher and technical Education in the Country and few of the Best in the World.
  • Become More Student Focused.
  • Hire, Motivate, and Reward Superior Faculty Members.
  • Develop Graduate Programs and Increase Research and Scholarly Activity.
  • Communicate and Collaborate More Effectively with Society.
  • Develop a Service-Oriented, Responsive, Accountable Administration.
  • Maintain and Further Develop Modern Facilities.
  • Diversify sound Financial Resources.

Focus Area

  • Develop a comprehensive student's enrollment management plan that ensures recruiting and retaining the best potential and highest achieving students irrespective of caste creed and social or economic status subject to govt. guidelines for enrollment and admissions. emphasizing quality rather than quantity.
  • Strengthen students' sense of patriotism and loyalty to the fraternity to profession and the DJMIT, the community, and the nation.
  • Disseminate to students relevant information concerning degree programs, university by-laws, extracurricular activities, and opportunities to gain industrial experience.
  • Encourage and assist students to achieve the highest academic standards.
  • Orient and encourage students to enroll into engineering disciplines that best meet market needs.
  • Support the improvement of student services in the campus and housing facilities.
  • Enhance student advising, post study counseling, assistance in campus interviews and getting employment.
  • Improve the quality of the registration system.
  • Foster effective communications between students, faculty and administrators.
  • Establish a program to identify low achieving students and provide them with the necessary academic support.
  • Develop a thematically-integrated, technology-rich, student-centered learning environment that maximizes students' acquisition of the knowledge, skills and character traits that ensure successful careers as practicing engineers.
  • Establishment of approved production plant to cater actual training on the industrial floor.
  • Collaboration with industries in R&D projects.