Department Activities


07-10-2019 Report on Energy Conservation Awareness WorkshopReport on Energy Conservation Awareness Workshop.pdf
23-08-2018 REPORT ON INDUSTRIAL VISIT AT ATLANTAAtlanta Report_5_7 sem_2018.pdf
20-08-2018 Industrial Visit to Jyoti Limited on 18 AUGUST 2018Report - Industrial Visit to Jyoti Limited on 18 AUGUST 2018.pdf
12-03-2018 Industry Visit report of Karakapar atomic power stationIndustryvist.pdf
01-02-2018 Expert Lecture report on Power electronicsPE.pdf
20-01-2018 Industrial Visit report at IPRIPR.pdf
27-07-2017 GEDA sponsored one day workshop on energy conservation and awarenessGEDA.pdf
05-04-2017 Visit at KakraparKakrapar visit.pdf
17-02-2017 Industrial Visit at BSNLBSNL_Visit.pdf
16-02-2017 Lecture on Power System Planning and DesignPSPD Lecture.pdf
16-02-2017 Expert Lecture on power system planning and designPSPD.pdf
08-02-2017 Visit at ISROISRO_Visit.pdf
11-01-2017 Expert Lecture on HighVoltageHighVoltage Lecture.pdf
03-08-2016 Visit at Wanakbori Power Station Wanakbori_7thsem.pdf
12-04-2016 Visit of Electrical Research and Development AssociationERDA_Visit.pdf
03-04-2016 Industrial visit Wanakbori Power StationWanakbori_3rdsem.pdf
28-01-2016 SPRERI visitSPRERI visit 2016.pdf
21-09-2015 Workshop on Electrical Fire & SafetyElectrical Fire & Safety.pdf
05-08-2015 Industrial Visit at COCA COLACOCA_COLA visit.pdf
06-04-2015 Industrial Visit at Laxmi Industry- PLC-SCADALaxmi Toor dal visit.pdf

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